Managing Your Channel

Nexus Console is the administrative panel for Nexus virtual meetings. Nexus Console is what you see when you log in to Nexus.

The Walk Me Through button on each tab provides an interactive overview tutorial of the key features in your Nexus Console. We recommend taking a few minutes to run this tutorial inside your own Nexus Console session. It will give you additional details on the features listed below.

Use the Schedule tab to schedule meetings for the future and to start or join running meetings. There can be one meeting running at a time on your channel. Every meeting (or recurring series of meetings) provides a Guest Pass. Paste the Guest Pass into an email or calendar invitation to allow anyone to join a meeting on your calendar.

Use the Admin tab to give other users privileges to schedule and start meetings on your channel. Any user who joins meetings through Nexus Console is granted full moderator privileges in the meeting. (See Manage Your Meetings for more information.)

Use the Archive tab to playback recorded meetings. Recorded meetings will appear automatically on this tab in about one hour after the conclusion of the meeting. You can copy the recording link to any other location and share it with meeting participants after your event is over.